Peer Review

Los Altos’ academic board and journal editors are all experienced in both conducting and passing academic peer review for publication and tenure processes. As authors, editors and/or faculty our editorial committee and academic board are involved in the rigorous internal peer review process our institute conducts for all of its published articles.

However, we wish to make clear that, while equally rigorous, our process is not the equivalent of academic peer review. Although we utilize specialist external reviewers, the interdisciplinary character of our publication and reviewers, along with our institute’s approach to accessibility, have made us elect not to attempt a precise replication. While some conservative institutes like the Fraser Institute imply, irresponsibly in our view, that their publications meet the standards of academic peer review, institutes such as our own never perfectly replicate academic journal peer review practices, irrespective of funding or scale.

Los Altos’ internal review processes are based on a rigorous empiricism and close engagement with peer reviewed scholarship in the relevant fields. All of our reviewers, both internal and external, hold a rank of PhD/DPhil or higher and have a record of successful peer reviewed publishing. Peer review is administered by a journal co-editor who empanels a group of three or more reviewers. This process typically takes sixty to ninety days and is likely to result, even for the most successful submissions, in a request for at least some revision. Non-fellows considering submission to themed journal issues should keep these time constraints in mind.