Los Altos Institute

We are a leftist think tank focused on analyzing deep structural issues in late capitalist consumer society from the vantage point of British Columbia, situated on the fault line between the US and Chinese imperial spheres.

It is the goal of Los Altos to intervene in public discourse in ways that alter its long-term trajectory away from modes of thought that reinforce the capitalist order. In conducting this project, Los Altos seeks to facilitate lay, non-academic participation is substantive intellectual debates.

Our main activities on this front are to run three reading groups/book clubs in Metro Vancouver, examining urban governance issues and speculative fiction approaches to forging post-capitalist societies. Full descriptions of the groups are available here.

Also, check out a preview of our larger analysis of the 2014 Metro Vancouver and Toronto elections that we presented at the BC Studies conference this May, “The New Left, ratepayer conservatism and the collapse of the Coalition of Progressive Electors.”

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